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About Oneshealthy

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As an organization, Oneshealthy constantly strives for a deeper understanding of health and wellbeing.

Part of Gonline Ltd. Oneshealthy aims to be one of the fastest growing health and wellbeing information sites in the United Kingdom. Every day, millions of people from across the globe search for health and wellbeing advice. We aim to provide this information as accurately and as up-to-date as possible. Based on our own in-depth health information and the latest news in medical research.

We believe that knowledge enables the pursuit of good health and well-being. Oneshealthy uses peer-reviewed studies, medical experts, and reputable sources. Oneshealthy’s passionate and curious team of writers and editors unravels the complexities of medical research and science. We will break it down to give you clear, objective, and accurate health information.

Through our content, we hope to inspire you to seek new knowledge, ask questions, and take healthy actions. We want you to feel confident in owning your health journey. Making informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Oneshealthy aim to empower You, our readers to live their strongest, healthiest lives.

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Oneshealthy’s editorial process

We will continue and dedicated to providing reliable health information because it can be difficult to discover. We also want you to have faith that Oneshealthy delivers reliable health information that is free from bias.

Precision is crucial. Every piece we publish will go through a review process, which is overseen by our editors and authors. This process includes meticulous fact checking for correctness in statistics, medicine, and science. We are devoted to our editorial process.

According to our stringent sourcing policies, we only use peer-reviewed research, academic research organisations, and medical journals.

Our articles contain links to primary sources, for example research, scientific references, and data. which we list in the resources section at the bottom.

Your voice matters

To be able to build a platform and a community that are inclusive and relevant to everyone. Oneshealthy is dedicated to listening to, connecting with, and amplifying different viewpoints through our culture and content.

Oneshealthy Community

Community development is at the core of all we do. The website links people who are interested in improving their health. This allows them to help one another. Here, you can find a community and our forum. If you have a chronic illness, fancy yourself a health freak, or are just inquisitive,

Oneshealthy’s approach to product selection

We are pleased to provide more information about how Oneshealthy assesses and chooses the items we feature in our content. Oneshealthy believes that trust must be earned. We strive to produce objective, well-balanced information. To achieve this, we keep our editorial and business teams well-separate throughout the process of creating material for product reviews, product roundups, and pieces featuring shopping links.

Oneshealthy’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion

We want to build a platform and a community that are inclusive and relevant to all. Oneshealthy is committed to getting your feedback. Through our culture and our content, we are interacting with and elevating diverse viewpoints.

Oneshealthy’s approach to brand and product vetting

Oneshealthy makes sure the businesses we partner with are ones we can support. To uphold the integrity and excellence of our content. We incorporate a brand into our material. We put it through a thorough vetting procedure. Similar vetting is done on each product selected by the editorial teams to ensure brand integrity and product safety.

Oneshealthy’s approach to conscious language

Language is a potent force that moulds the environment we live in. Using it intelligently is essential since it has the capacity to both establish and strengthen identities as well as erase and oppress them. Our commitment is to use language to build a world that is healthier, more resilient, and equal. By using conscious language in our speech, writing, and editing, we demonstrate our respect for and knowledge of the groups who read our work.

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