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Spread the love is an information website and does not offer Medical Advice. If you are having a medical emergency you should contact your GP or local Hospital immediately. It is advised that you should always consult with your GP before you start any program that includes Fitness, Diet, Medical, Supplements or Nutrition.

We don’t give medical advice because we aren’t a healthcare provider. However, in addition to general wellness and healthy living advice, we also offer information regarding specific disorders and treatments. Although OnesHealthy uses ethical sources for its content, it can not guarantee the safety of any items or therapies mentioned on the website. Read the product instructions carefully and take notice of any cautions, since some products may cause allergic reactions or other negative effects. OnesHealthy does employ affiliate marketing to promote its products. Before using this product, always get the advice of a physician or other authorised healthcare provider. This information is meant to augment the advice of your doctor. This is crucial when it comes to over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, vitamins, or herbal substitutes.

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